A Brief on Visi Cooler Glass Type

When it comes to commercial refrigeration, Visi Coolers have emerged as indispensable assets for businesses looking to display their beverages and cold products attractively. A crucial aspect of these coolers lies in the glass type used in their doors or panels. In this article, we will delve into how Visi Cooler glass type manufacturers define these coolers and shed light on the impact of different glass types on product display and durability.

Visi Cooler glass-type manufacturers categorize these coolers as commercial refrigerators designed specifically for showcasing beverages and other chilled goods. The choice of glass type significantly influences the overall display and visibility of products housed within a Visi Cooler.

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Visi Cooler Glass Type Catalogue

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-24.49% Visi Cooler
Visi Cooler

185000.00 /245000.00

Brand: Celfrost
Spec: FKG 1500TD, 1530, 1450, 1450

Shradha Sales, Mumbai, Maharashtra

-13.33% Medium SRC 380 GL, Number Of Doors: 1
-21.57% Medium Srf 350 Western Vertical Freezer
Medium Srf 350 Western Vertical Freezer

80000.00 /102000.00

Brand: Western
Spec: Medium Srf 350 Western Vertical Freezer

Shradha Sales, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Visi Cooler Glass Type Manufacturers

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